Inaugural Post! Is branding worth it?

You never really knew why you gravitated towards one thing over another. You may call it a preference, your choice, or not realize that you even cared. Yet you are drawn in by it. Captivated by it. And definitely are feeling the vibe. What is it that makes you feel that way? What sensory experiences are you engaging in? Or are you simply in awe of how the company does ethical business?

All of that is the worth of a brand.

A brand defines your mission. A brand reveals your soul in approximately 6 seconds, about the amount of time you have to make an impression on someone. Choosing images, colors and stories that tell the narrative of your business allow the design to be your passive marketing.

Being a business owner, you get to create your vision in every way you can think of. You make the decisions, you can research the options and have a lot of great ideas on how you want things to look. But maybe you lack focus on what you are trying to achieve? Being able to focus clearly and truly limit your choices, undoubtedly the hardest part of living these days, creates a sense of ease when you go to tackle the parts of the business you really need to invest in.

And that leaves you more time to create, dream and rock the services you want to provide.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when you begin drafting your brand identity:

  • Time Commitment: To gain the best results from any endeavor, you must devote time to it. Learning and really getting to the core of what you want your business to look and feel like, it's an investment in not only your business, but in your whole life.

  • Simplifying: It takes courage and commitment to simplify, believe it or not. Simplicity is the outcome of a system, which takes a bit of effort to initially set up and may feel hard to do at first. With a bit of brainstorming and soul searching, curating your style will enable simplicity to magnetize people to you!

  • Get specific about your brand elements: Capturing all of your elements together, compiled in one place and available at your fingertips, will make it easier to focus on your real creative work. Having things ready to be applied to any collateral you may want to design makes it so you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time you put out branded content or marketing.

It DOES take more time initially to make a

simple brand identity,

however the pay off is huge!

It's pretty powerful stuff, sounds a bit like creating an instant attraction, don't you think?

Your brand is a way to stand out by being authentically you. It's worth the time and effort every time!

Brand Design Inspiration Missive:

Every week I'll be dropping off a piece of inspiration, a little bit of something to think about, the best of the best of branding, design and overall simple living! I find sweet connections EVERYWHERE and I'm excited for you to come along on the adventures!

Until next week!


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