The ultimate brand identity - YOU.

Welcome to the City of Seattle

This is where my journey begins. I've lived here all my life, yet so much of the time I barely embrace this place. I used to love the city. Even the word city delights me!

It left me wondering what had happened to our romance?

So, I'm trying to fall back in love with her. I come to the city nearly every day, and I intend to BE here...and I've decided to make it part of MY brand. Which means you'll probably be seeing a bit more of us together, rekindling what we once had.

When developing a personal brand, try thinking of it more than just a simple color palette or logo. It's your story. It's your location. It's things that are just "your style." The clothes you love wearing. The words you always say. Or maybe even the Instagram Filters you chose for most of your pictures? It's all of that - most of the things you are already experiencing daily.

And here's the trick to finding out your personal brand - just start to take note.

Find a notebook. Pick your favorite pen. Pay attention to what you are attracted to, jot it down. Truly listen to yourself.

This isn't something that is going to happen overnight. It requires an investment of your time, as most good things do. You'll begin to research your own brand story each day by noticing these small bits of magic here and there.

It could take a little bit. It will be worth it.

At the end of the exercise, you end up with a manual of what you are drawn to.

This is your ultimate brand identity.

It will convey your spirit and can embody you in just a glance.

It can be your inner soul's road map, your signature style.

And can create ease in your life.

Some of the ways researching my own personal brand has changed my life:

  • Adopting clean eating practices

  • Boutique Brand Design business planning

  • An evolving minimalist practice

  • A capsule wardrobe (there will be a future blog post all about this!)

  • Selective purchasing habits

  • Roaming and finding beautiful city spots

  • Researching all things I'm drawn to - because nothing is off limits!

  • Connecting with businesses that intrigue me

  • Near daily Instagram life inspiration postings

Doing all of these things simplified my life and opened me up to a ton of potential inspiration each day! And have helped to create my brand identity just by being me.

Give it a try and let me know what you discover!

Would love to hear about your brand!



Every week I'll be dropping off a piece of inspiration, a little bit of something to think about, the best of the best of branding, design and overall simplicity living! I find inspiration EVERYWHERE and I'm excited for you to come along on the adventures!

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