Writing your brand story

I’ve been trying to do some sort of writing every single day. I let it come out loose and effortlessly, nothing that I have to keep and nothing refined.

And yet, I look back at the seemingly random notes and paper bits in my journals, and find a cohesive story is being told within each piece.

My brand story is being written every day.

There is magic in quick sketches and pages of nonsensical journal writing. Somewhere, hidden in those doodles, words and pictures is the good stuff.

Because there are no rules, your sketchbook can be a place where your content can be in constant flux. It doesn’t have to be polished or “show-able”. There is no right or wrong and you can just flow from one idea to the next.

And the funny thing is - this messy, unstructured process is what it takes to get things just right. Usually, it's not just one drawing that leads you to the final piece. That only happens in the rarest of instances, if ever at all.

I try to think of things in new ways. I get all of the good and bad out of my head and onto the paper – and then a wondrous thing happens.

The right thing seems to float to the surface.

It may take doing small things everyday, but there is amazing content locked up that hasn't even been written yet. For that process to flow and develop, there has to be space to allow the ideas to be free.

This is certainly doesn't happen overnight. Each day, you write another piece of your story with the ideas you think, your interactions with the world, and what you create around you.

Take note of those key preferences each day and watch your brand story unfold!

Until next week!



Every week I'll be dropping off a piece of inspiration, a little something to think about & the best of the best in branding, design, and simple living!

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE and I'm excited for you to come along on the adventures!

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