Building Brand Style Guides

This week I just finished up a brand style guide for my latest project, Spark Illustrations. It made me remember why I love doing this - how I adore participating in brand collaboration, where the pieces just fall together along the way.

The process literally writes itself. It evolves and changes, grows and contracts, and keeps pace as we go along.

The idea of capturing a person's style and summarizing it onto a one page guide seems like a lofty goal. But like all simple things, it just takes a careful edit to see what is important.

Spark Illustrations Brand Style Guide

Based on the brand questionnaire and some design inspiration, we were able to come up with a clear logo, consistent fonts and color palettes for all of the collateral we designed - and a sense of ease going forward on any future designs we can dream up. We don't have to think about these basic elements - the big decisions have been made and can be consistently branded on all of our products.

We initially set out to create a logo and a few items. In a little over a month, we were able to create not only that logo, but several printed pieces of Spark Illustration branded collateral.

Through brand collaboration, the illustrator and I have dreamed up much more too! I get to design a custom vinyl banner for farmer's markets with the help of a local print shop. By creating the Brand Style Guide, this task thankfully will become much easier!

Interested in chatting about style guides? Shoot me an email at!

Until next week!



Every week I'll be dropping off a piece of inspiration, a little something to think about & the best of the best in branding, design, and simple living!

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE and I'm excited for you to come along on the adventures!

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