My Branded Closet: capsule wardrobe edition

I wanted to take you on a small tour of my capsule wardrobe - my branded closet. My capsule wardrobe is a collection of my favorite clothes that mix and match together, making it easier for me to own less but better. It's simplified my life so much and I think it could change the world!

Before I found these "clothing plans," my closet was in utter chaos. I had twice if not three times the amount of clothes and never had anything to wear. It felt like a big burden to get dressed every morning!

Then I found capsule wardrobes on Pinterest.

In my closet currently hangs 50 items that I've chosen for my current capsule wardrobe. These items are my favorite things! Each season or so, I assess what I have hanging in my closet and perform a hard edit.

I don't count my shoes, accessories, workout clothes or comfy clothes.

Some capsule wardrobes have more, most have less, but I think 50 seems like an abundant number so I roll with it. I chose these pieces because I didn't want to totally restrict my choices, so I felt like this was a healthy amount for me.

I don't like rules, so I am certainly not strict with myself. I go with the flow and do what feels right, with the ultimate goal of feeling great in everything I wear.

The weather in Washington State has been a bit screwy lately, but my springtime capsule is in current rotation!

I took the time to fold up my neutral collection of long sleeved shirts and sweaters. Those will go into a bin on my closet floor to hibernate until fall. A nice big glass of red wine made this an easy job for me!

I desperately need an easy morning since I commute into the city everyday. I simplified my jewelry offerings to ensure my morning comes together effortlessly.

Capsule wardrobes fit nicely with minimalism, something I've been practicing for over 2 years now. While I'm not always perfect, I am much farther than I was before. I'm building my collection of favorite essentials and leaving the rest behind.

And that's the great thing when you are building your brand for your closet OR your business. There are no rules except to edit and simplify. You can change those things that aren't working as you go, and keep the things that are at your fingertips. Ease trumps fussiness every time.

While I don't offer services for branding your closet, I do love talking about it!

Drop me a comment if you are in love with capsule wardrobes like I am - or want to know more!

Until next week!



Every week I'll be dropping off a piece of inspiration, a little something to think about & the best of the best in branding, design, and simple living!

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE and I'm excited for you to come along on the adventures!

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