Is branding a tax deduction?

Let me start with this disclaimer: I am definitely NOT a tax accountant, nor do I play one on TV. I've just been doing a bit of research, I have realized that branding can be a tax deduction!


Some of the common expenses that can be deducted are:

  • social media campaigns

  • printed flyers or postcards

  • website purchase & design

  • business cards


Per the IRS, it says you can deduct “reasonable advertising expenses that are directly related to your business activities.”

And you definitely want to have an advertising and marketing plan to put those dollars to work for you. Every piece you build will help you to attract your tribe!

Let's do a little Q&A to to reveal all of the ways your advertising and marketing can become tax deductions!

What's your favorite social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

Having branded images to share will make connecting with your people easy on any platform! Branded photography and graphics packages make it simple to stay consistent.

Go to seminars, networking events, or belong to your local chamber of commerce?

Be memorable by trading engaging business cards, service brochures, notepads and holiday cards. I swear, paper goods are a lost art form! Make sure the collateral you are handing out is simple - and branded - and people will remember!

Launching a website?

You can deduct the cost of paying a designer and web coder to create one for you - certainly easier than teaching yourself how to code!

Or hire a designer to start a Wix or Squarespace website for your business, then be handed the keys to drive when it's done! Let's make this easier on ourselves!

So, if you are hesitating to hire someone to help - look at this as a reasonable cost of doing business and such a smart way of delegating tasks that help elevate your brand experience!

As long as these expenses are necessary and ordinary to promote your business, they are generally fully deductible. Again, make sure to check your specific state's tax laws or consult with your tax accountant.

And remember to save all of your detailed receipts for tax time!

until next week,


Every week I'll be dropping off a piece of inspiration, a little something to think about & the best of the best in branding, design, and simple living!

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE and I'm excited for you to come along on the adventures!

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