Mercury Retrograde, New Moons, and why you should pay attention

I advocate learning about things that are bigger than us.

Part of my adventure has been to study up on Mercury Retrograde and the Moon Cycles. This cosmic research is now part of my life and I consume any and all information I find. I want to see how it all applies to me!

We are currently in a Mercury Retrograde period, through September 22nd, 2016.

Ok, so what does that mean?!?!

For us on planet earth, it will look like Mercury is spinning backwards because of the relationship between both Mercury’s and Earth’s orbit around the sun.

But more cosmically, Mercury rules over all types of communication, including writing, speaking, reading, social media, or any other way we transmit information to others. It also rules commuting, driving, and machinery with moving parts.

During Mercury retrograde periods, there are more noticeable errors, disruptions, breakdowns, and complications with all of these things.

But this can also be a great time of revitalizing your communications! Your intuition might be heightened and it’s the perfect time to really reflect on the self by tuning in.

Coincidentally, we also experiencing a new moon at the same time. This is when the moon is blocked from the sun fully by the earth.

A new moon is said to create an atmosphere of renewal and intention. It can serve as a jumping off place to create new energies and become completely centered.

I’m planning on using this time to expand on my current brand dreaming – there are a few really cool things that I’ve been planning and now is the time to really dig in and ask for what I need to make all of this happen!

I hope you can find time to slow down over the long weekend coming up and map out some goals, intentions, and dreams.

Now is the time to maximize on those lofty goals we've only kept in our minds. Let's get them down on paper and start making them real!

For more information on the moon cycles and what they mean, visit

Until next week,

Stay cosmic!


Every week I'll be dropping off inspiration, ideas, the best of the best in branding, design, and simple living!

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE and I'm excited for you to come along on the adventure!

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