Let's not rush this

I'm fashioning a new way to live - full of slow, small, discoveries.

Less worry, more presence. Let's not rush this.

I'm often disappointed by things that induce a sense of panic - "Hurry" "Act Now" "Don't Miss This!" - these words create fear.

Fear of missing out or not keeping up.

And when you're operating out of fear, the best of you isn't able to be captured.

Things get lost when we rush. It's not a pace we can keep up with.

We fail to experience the present by worrying about the future.

We rush around all the time, trying to anticipate everything, but lose our awareness of where we stand now.

We stop consistently being our brand, our best selves.

The message starts to get a little blurry.

We create haphazard short-cuts in the name of just getting it done.

We start looking, feeling, and acting utterly frantic.

Rush. Faster. You're already behind.

Until we feel we might snap.

We are all just spinning so fast these days,

all of these messages we come into contact with are

overloading our systems.

So how are we going to fix this feeling?

We must consciously stop the spinning.

We are going to slow down, experience things and be present.

That may mean we can't keep up with everything we think need to do.

Hard edits of your time, money, and desires will be needed.

But racing to get to our destinations at ALL times is exhausting.

We will all get there.

We are going to show up, authentically and honest.

So let's not rush through this.

Until next week,


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