Hello, Trello

My close friends and family know I struggle with technology.

I still rock an iphone 4s, I don't own a tablet and shudder at the idea of reading a book on a kindle.

My friends and family would also tell you that I'm hopelessly addicted to sticky notes and paper.

I ADORE anything hand-written.

And as a result of the combination of these two things, my desk is consumed with ideas jotted down on tiny bits of paper.

I do know my way around a computer though and have successfully navigated my way through both accounting and design programs galore.

I got wind of a program called Trello about 2 months ago. I belong to a few Facebook groups and this project management tool was seriously all the rage!

And it's free. So I set up an account and started transcribing my 3 notebooks and 9 months worth of writings.

My thoughts went from this:

to this:

My All things branding Trello board

Within my boards and cards (Trello-speak for categories and their notes) lives all of my organized ideas. I am able to capture everything in a simple, visual way.

I can order and reorder it as my work shifts and new ideas arise.

This can grow to as large or as small as I desire. I can share my boards with teams and creative collaborations, or keep it privately to myself.

Trello is a simple technology that doesn't feel overwhelming and helps me to maintain a level of "small little notes" to myself.

I continue to teach myself how to be nimble using technology, especially on my computer. Programs like Evernote, Pinterest, and especially Trello, help me to process my thoughts into usable bits.

Interested to see if Trello is a good tool for you? Click here to sign up for your free account and take it for a test drive!

Until next week,


#trello #entreprenuer #artjournaling #organization

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