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I love seeing people who are passionate about what they are doing. The energy surrounding them is captivating.

The truth is that we spend a ton of our waking hours working. If you are loving what you're doing, it shows.

As an entrepreneur, I want you to dream up exactly what you want that to look like. By examining what you daydream about, you can tap into that special niche for your business.

What are the steps to get there, so the journey can feel less stressful and flow along?

Here are some sure fire ways to find your inner muse and that inspiration you SO desire:

  • Spend more time alone: I assure you, it's hard to find out who you are when there are always others around. It takes some serious alone time, locked in a room by yourself - to find out who you really are. Make time for it.

  • Get outside: Go on an adventure. Change up your scenery. Explore.

  • Surround yourself with ONLY your favorite things: Now, this is a toughie. It took me nearly a year to purge and edit my surroundings. Before that I had a room with a bunch of crap in it. Now I have the Zen Den (take the tour here), where the magic happens.

  • Try to ease up on the comparison trap: I admit it, I'm a Pinterest and Instagram junkie with a lot of creative crushes. But I take a digital detox from time to time and go back to a completely manual artist process. While I love looking at amazing projects on Pinterest and surfing others' websites, it can sometimes also let my gremlins creep in. I try and remind myself I'm doing the best that I can and that I'm right where I need to be at this moment. And so are you!

  • Create a soundtrack: Your life NEEDS music. Tunes that resonate with your soul. And there are so many delicious choices out there too. There is nothing better than a crisp morning with a whole playlist of your favorite tunes. I create my playlists on YouTube and also create playlists for some of my branding projects too (listen to them here).

  • Learn something new: One of my favorites sayings is "You learn something new everyday." And seriously, I DO! There is always something to learn, a story to hear, or endless ways to create a new spark in yourself. When you are able to look at life as a way to share your gifts of knowledge, you will lucky enough to learn new things on the daily.

Seek inspiration daily.

The thing is, the world needs you to be inspired.

It needs you to be authentic, real, and find your spark.

I can't wait to see what you create!

Until next week,


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