The art of the flat lay | Jessica breeden designs

Anyone can do it.

In fact, you could do it without even getting up from your desk.

The flat lay.

It's sweeping Instagram, Pinterest, and advertisements everywhere - and I'm taking notice!

While this style is not new, it has seen a popularity boom as people capture curated collections with aerial perfection. These are my absolute FAVORITE and they catch my eye each time I run across them!

Thinking that this style of photography might work for your brand? It's easy to set up a studio on your dining room table using a simple white canvas or foam core board.

For this session, we used a drop light and a 24x24 white canvas background. Experimenting with the shadows and the location of the lighting, we were able to capture a whole photo shoot full of our favorite items.

By gathering some of your desktop goodies, you can easily create branded photography that you can apply to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook posts as well as work for promotions and advertisements.

Need ideas? Make sure to visit my Instagram page for inspiration and examples!

Want someone to style photos specifically for your brand? New packages for flat lay branded photos coming soon in 2017, so subscribe to the blog now so you don't miss out on the fun!

Until next week,


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